1967 – “MacBird!” Lot [DONATATED]

This is a combination of American theatre history and the history of Rue McClanahan. In 1967 she co-starred with Stacy Keach in the controversial production of “MacBird!” Public officials were trying to get it banned because it touched too closely on the relatively recent assassination of JFK. Rue didn’t care about the drama off the stage though, she just knew this was a meaty part on the stage, so she went after it and got it. This production produced one of my all-time-favorite Rue images – her in character getting touched up by the smoking makeup man. Ah, the ’60s! This lot comes with a gorgeous 16.75″ x 12.75″ framed image from the production featuring Rue and Stacy Keach, with the little publishing sticker on the back indicating the photograph was used in Rue’s book – “My First Five Husbands…and The Ones Who Got Away.” We also found Rue’s numbered opening night party invitation and a telegram her agent sent her on opening night (although the corner of that is ripped, but what do you expect? It is over 45 years old!). Also comes with Rue’s original paperback of the play, published in 1966, and an original Playbill from the production with Rue and Stacy Keach on the cover. This is a singular collection from a moment in time and a moment in Rue’s life. Everything comes with one Certificate of Authenticity and prints of the three production images shown.


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