1986 Signed Picture from “Parade Magazine” Article – SIGNED BY ALL THE “GIRLS” [SOLD]

Rue was such a smart cookie. Way back in the early days of “The Golden Girls” – when the press were going crazy for the show and articles and pictures where flowing in the media – Rue would sometimes come across one and bring it in to work. Then, instead of just showing the other “girls,” she’d take it to them for their signatures – see, a smart cookie! We occasionally find one of these treasures stuck in a book or in a file. This particular gem is a page from a 1986 “Parade Magazine” article that has the original signatures of all four “girls;” you may recall Rue had them sign the cover of the magazine, too, and that already went to one of Rue’s fans in Australia! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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