1988 PeTA Humanitarian Award [SOLD]

This rarely happens, but I am crying while I post this item. I know, Rue has been gone for almost three and a half years, and it is perhaps odd that a possession could still have this impact, but let me explain. Rue did so much good for animals, all types of animals: of course dogs and cats, but also monkeys, horses, pigs, cows, chickens, elephants, other circus animals, chinchillas and minks, birds, and she even had a squirrel come to her door every afternoon in Manhattan for Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts. I swear, I fed that squirrel every day after she died, and it would follow me from room to room along the window ledges until I would get the jar of nuts and give him a handful. In fact, when I sold the apartment, at the closing, I made the new owner promise he’d keep it up. I’ve heard from him, too, and he says the squirrel still shows up every day. But, I digress. Rue was the first celebrity to help PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) way back when they were just starting out. She helped every step of the way, too. They presented her with this Humanitarian Award in 1988. It is big – over 2 feet tall and more than a foot and a half wide – and heavy. Rue had the contractor who renovated her Manhattan apartment find a stud in the wall and hang the award in her master bathroom right above the, um, not the tub or the sink, the other thing in the bathroom, oh I can write toilet, you can handle it. Anyway, I stared at that award for years, as did every man who used that bathroom, but after Rue got sick, after the stroke, when I was taking care of her, it was so difficult – have you ever had to care for someone who was used to be always on the go who suddenly couldn’t do things for themselves? Sometimes, I would get sort of frustrated and perhaps even a little resentful. Then, I’d be standing in the bathroom and see this award. I would think of all the money Rue gave and raised for countless animals, the hundreds, maybe thousands of items donated to charity fundraisers over the decades, how selflessly she’d fly all over the Country, and fearlessly confront law makers and people who weren’t treating animals well, and all the lucky animals she’d personally adopted and loved over the years. She was so infinitely giving and so strong. I would remember who it was that I had the honor of being of service to, and I’d leave the bathroom (yes, I’d wash my hands!), and I’d find Rue wherever she was in the apartment, I’d hug her, I’d tell her what a great woman she was and how much I loved her. There I go again, I swear, I am such a crybaby. Comes with prints of all the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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