A Pair of Rue’s Dolls [SOLD]

Rue had a lot of dolls, stuffed animals, and toys around her houses. She always said it was for when friend’s children came over to play, and that was probably true, but it wasn’t the only reason. Rue McClanahan had so many items around that one typically associates with small children because, in so many ways, Rue remained a little girl her whole life. When she’d pick up one of these dolls, you could see the same love and joy on her face as you’d see on a child’s; Rue NEVER outgrew her love of dolls. Also, since many of her friends had skin that was a different color from her own, or at least their children did, Rue always made sure there were dolls that represented all kinds of people in her home. This pair of large dolls – they are 20″ long – come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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