“A Touch of Rue” Fabulous ’90′s Bejeweled Sweater [SOLD]

Did you know Rue had a couple of clothing lines back in the day? She had “Very Rue” and “A Touch of Rue,” and the latter was over-the-top ’90′s fun. She only saved a few of the original designs and this is the best one left of the collection. Rue actually wore this sweater many times, but she could sew. We think you would need a seamstress to hang out with you if you ever wore this creation, just so she could sew all the gems on as they popped off. There are more faux jewels on this piece than anything else in Rue’s closet, and that is saying a lot! It has one of Rue’s labels sewn inside and seems to be a XL. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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