“A Touch of Rue” Robe [SOLD]

This is definitely the most beautiful piece that remains from Rue’s clothing line “A Touch of Rue.” This medium sized robe is a unique blending of vibrant colors one wouldn’t normally put together, and yet it works. Rue designed the piece and then sold it on on of those home shopping channels. We recently found a passage in her journal that was written post-appearance on the channel and she broke all kinds of records for sales – 20 times the normal rate per hour! The first year Rue sold on the channel the powers that be fought her on her choices – Rue chose lounge wear, negligees, and sexier pieces, naturally – but by the second year they trusted her choices 100%. Don’t you just love the tags Rue attached to her pieces; she was a funny gal. Rue’s “A Touch of Rue” robe, from her private collection – it actually came out of the closet in the master bedroom of her Manhattan apartment – comes with copies of the tag and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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