Absolutely Stunning Silk Robe [SOLD]

This piece should probably be in a museum somewhere because it is a work of art. Judy Evans, the costume designer for “The Golden Girls,” must have spent countless hours putting together this masterpiece. As we’ve mentioned before, Rue had a “Golden Girls” closet in the long hallway of her Manhattan apartment where she kept her costumes from the show, but this particular piece was in the everyday personal closet in her master bedroom (it was actually a kitchen that was turned into a closet when the apartments were joined together), and as you can see from the photo, she kept it hung on a hook right in front where she could grab it. In fact, as you can also see from the screen grab from the endlessly being edited documentary film, she was wearing this during one of our filming sessions very close to the end of her life. Rue said that this robe made her feel good and we can clearly see why. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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