American Antique Primitive Child’s Chair

You can see this primitive child’s chair in the library of Rue’s Manhattan apartment. Rue kept her vintage Shirley Temple Doll sitting in the chair. The doll freaked everyone out, but we all loved the chair. This piece is old, old, old, and obviously handmade. It is distressed, clearly, but that is part of what makes it so beautiful. This is not a chair for practical purposes – no kids ought to sit in it – but it is rare and certainly a collector’s item. Perhaps you could put one of your creepy dolls in it. Sorry, the Shirley Temple Doll wasn’t “creepy,” she was just so big it felt like another person in the room. Anyway, enough about our neurosis, the chair measures 20.5″ high and 14.5″ wide, and over 10″ deep; and it is fragile, so it is going to require some major box and padding activity to get ready to ship, but we’ll take care of everything and it will get to you in one piece. Comes with a couple of images of Rue with the chair in the background and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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