Bea’s Personalized Gift to her Friend Rue in the ’70s [SOLD]

Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur were friends, real friends. I was with Rue the day that Bea died and she was reminiscing about their relationship – with “Maude” and “The Golden Girls” they had worked together for 14 years – and there was a lot of emotion in the stories she told. I also attended Bea’s Memorial Service with Rue, and I can assure you Rue loved Bea. Clearly, the feelings were reciprocated. You can see it in their off camera photos together and you can see it in this gift that Bea had custom made for her friend way back during the “Maude” years in the 1970s. This heavy 13.5″ square mirrored plaque demonstrates Bea’s respect and admiration for Rue’s abilities as an actor with the star symbol next to her name and the word “Superstar,” but it also show Bea’s feelings for Rue with the phrase “Superlove.” We realize this is a high price point for an item on the site, but we believe the piece – a personal one-of-a-kind gift from one Internationally famous celebrity to another – is actually priceless. We want to make sure if someone does buy it, they realize its worth and it will be taken care of accordingly. And, if it doesn’t sell, we’re fine with that, too. It looks really good right here on the office wall and you can’t help but smile every time you look at it.


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