Blue Stone Beads with Sterling and Blue Rock Pendant [SOLD]

This necklace was made by the mysterious person whose initials show up on dozens of Rue’s most original pieces of jewelry. You can see the shell design with the A and the R on both the back clasp and the large link that holds the pendant. And on that subject: what exactly is this pendant made out of? We are certain it is set in sterling silver – and we did not polish it, even though we wanted to (we did polish another piece though, coming up next) – but we don’t know what the breathtakingly beautiful blue stone is called. The beads seem to be made of the same mineral or semi-precious stone, too. We actually were able to find a photo of Rue wearing this piece. In the picture, she and Del Shores – the creator of “Sordid Lives” – are walking out of a gas station after buying a bag of…. we can only assume it is filled with the types of things one buys at a gas station: perhaps microwave burritos, Ding Dongs, and Cheese Doodles. After all, they were down South filming “Sordid Lives,” so why not keep in character and shop at the local Gas and Grub? Back to the necklace: we also don’t know what that interesting little silver holder is for on the back of the pendant. What we do know for sure is that this is a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous necklace, and that it was owned and worn by Rue McClanahan. The necklace comes with a print of the image showing Rue wearing it and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$425 NOW $212.50

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