Bracelet (Diamond?) from Cover Shoot of Rue’s Memoir [SOLD]

Okay, remember during the October Bracelet Event, how we told you Rue once said only one of her tennis bracelets were “real?” We aren’t necessarily sure if Rue knew what was real or not, particularly since she had so many suitors, fiances, and husbands piling jewelry on her over the year (she died with 1,117 pieces of jewelry!). The reason we bring this up is because we suspect this piece might have diamonds in it. We actually showed it to an “expert” and she viewed it through a loop and told is that there weren’t ANY stones at all, only these metal reflective things that look like stones. Now, there are three shiny objects in each section of each link, and we definitely see these “metal objects” on the outsides, but the one in the middle looks like a prong set stone to us. Can you see that or are we crazy. Also, underneath, the metal things are set in one way, and the center whatever has an opening. And, what is all that mumbo jumbo on the clasp? Do they put that many stamps and that much information on a bracelet made of only “metal things?” However, since we aren’t “experts” and can’t say the word diamond without opening Rue’s estate up to litigation, we will simply sell this piece as “Rue’s Bracelet with Metal Things” – but just so you know, we think those are stones! Another cool thing we just discovered while looking at photos from Rue’s cover shoot for her memoir, is that she wore this piece that day – and there can be no doubt about that, just look at the zoom. We don’t know that it made it to the final image, but the piece was definitely part of the shoot! This bracelet comes with prints of the images shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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