Coffee Cups – Two Used All the Time and One for Display [SOLD]

Rue loved coffee but I doubt she ever had a hot cup of the stuff. We’d make or buy coffee, she’d immediately get sidetracked doing something interesting, and the next time she brought cup to lips it would be cold. If I had a dollar for every time I ran her coffee cup to her microwave I would be able to buy something for myself on! The nose mug is a work of art that cracked all of us up, the one from the “Brooklyn North Homicide Task Force” – with her name on it AND the grim reaper (!) – was a favorite and much used, and the one from “The Humane Society” was such a huge blunder on their part that she loved to use it and tell the story. Apparently, they approached her asking for money and support, and when she gave them both, they sent her a coffee mug WITH HER NAME MISSPELLED! Rue fixed the error with a Sharpie and used the thing anyway. Needless to say, “The Humane Society” is NOT one of the 12 animal charities in Rue’s will! We also found a photo of Rue in her California house and look what is on the top left shelf – the nose mug! The three mugs come with a single Certificate of Authenticity.


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