Collection of Rue’s Coasters [SOLD]

This is a rather unusual group of items – some of Rue’s coasters. First, there is a handmade doily-type coaster that was made by Rue way back in the ’70s – naturally, there is coffee spilled on it! Second, as you might already know, Rue had a great working relationship with the Disney Corporation and so they often gave her gifts, and we’re including 10 of her paper Mickey Mouse coasters, along with a print of Rue and Mickey together. Third, there are four of Rue’s woven coasters that sat on the coffee table in the living room of her Manhattan apartment. These were the coasters she used every day and so they come with several pictures of Rue with one or more of these in the frame. And finally, we’re going to include a couple of Rue’s fancy schmancy metal coasters that are engraved with the initial “M,” presumable for McClanahan. By the way, in those last couple photos taken at a party at Rue’s apartment, someone dropped something during the first shot and, as you can see, Rue’s son and the other woman in the photo immediately turn in that direction with startled looks, but check out Rue’s reaction. Even though it was probably something of hers that just got smashed, she never looked away from the lens, and even gave a better smile – no doubt about it, she was ALWAYS a pro! This unique collection comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of authenticity from Estate of Rue.

Note: We’ve added a photo of Rue at the piano in the living room of her California home because it looks like she has one of the engraved metal coasters all the way on the right side of the piano – we’ll include a print of this photo, too.


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