Collection of Ten Books [SOLD]

Romantic intrigue are a part of this collection of ten titles from the library of Rue McClanahan’s Manhattan home. This group includes five paperbacks and five hardcovers. There are a few FIRST EDITION’s, including a 40-year old coffee table book entitled “Hollywood and the Great Fan Magazines.” Two of the newer hardcovers even have Rue’s bookplate glued inside. However, it is a couple of the books from the early 50’s that are really interesting because they have a romantic story attached. During a summer Rue spent acting as one of the Jatoma Players in Ann Arbor, MI, she became infatuated with a number of local boys: Ed; Norman, who ended up deflowering her years later in NYC and later still becoming her second husband; and a suitor named Max Harris. Rue studied German in college as did Max, and so he used their language connection to try and win the battle for her affections. One of these books is a falling apart old German textbook that belonged to Max Harris, it contains Rue’s notes and even a 60-year old folded piece of paper with a paragraph she composed in German. The other book in this pairing is a book of poetry given to Rue by Max Harris for Christmas of 1954. This volume contains a beautiful inscription on the inside cover wherein he declares his love. This collection of books comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from The Estate of Rue McClanahan, and we are going to include copies of several pages from Rue’s journal during this period, when she is trying to figure out which one of the men she wanted to be with. It is compelling reading!

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