“Doodle” Script Masterpiece! [SOLD]

All of Rue’s drawings were original and unique, so it is difficult to compare and rank them. However, this “Doodle” script is a clear MASTERPIECE. Not only is almost the entire cover full of Rue’s artistic work, but she even signed it “Love, Rue McClanahan!” As if all this was not enough, the inside of this script has multi-surprises. First, there are notes and personal memos all over the inside cover. Included in this hodge-podge of writings is a recipe from Bea Arthur. We love the girls did normal things you do at work, such as exchange recipes. Second, and we can’t decide if it is bigger than “Bea’s Fish,” but it is BIG – there is a margin dialogue written in Rue’s hand so she could pace out a telephone call, only her side of which would be filmed. How is that for professional? Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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