“Doodle” Script [SOLD]

As you probably know by now, Rue used to draw on the covers of her scripts during the weekly table reads for “The Golden Girls.” Rue called her drawings “Doodles” and this particular script has a really beautiful one. Rue drew some delicate flowers around the show title and then has a little bug hanging from a web – so is it a spider? – and then a couple of what appear to be ants down on the bottom. Another thing that makes this script interesting is that they had some final pages for another show that they included at the back – these are for the “Dateline: Miami” episode. There are a couple write-ins in Rue’s hand and she highlighted the “Blanche” headings for her lines. Also, Rue faintly drew a couple trees inside on page margins. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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