Gift from “The Golden Girls” from Season One of the Show [SOLD]

Every year, Bea, Betty, Rue and Estelle picked out a gift that they could give to all the people that helped make the show happen: other cast members, crew, producers, the director, hair and makeup people, wardrobe workers, and anyone else who supported them and the production. During Season One of “The Golden Girls” they chose a solid brass star as their group gift with “Love Bea Betty Rue Estelle The Golden Girls” inscribed on it. Rue played a big part in selecting that particular item because the star shape or design was so personally important to her; she wore that thin gold chain with the star around her neck as a good luck talisman in every production she took part in from the early ’70s forward – look for it around her neck the next time you’re watching her, it is almost always there. Anyway, Rue kept one of the group gifts for herself and used it as a paperweight for the next 25-years – you can see it holding down some sheet music on the piano in her California home in the photo posted. Rue’s personal 1985, Season One, group gift from “The Girls” is 4″ across, point to point; it is heavy, so there is velvet on the back to avoid scratching whatever it is placed upon. The star comes with prints of the images shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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