Gold Lamé Leather Bracelet [SOLD]

This photo of Rue leaves us with many questions, but primarily: what is up with that metallic gold wig? Has Rue lost her mind? Is she on drugs? But then we saw the fabulous gold lamé leather snap bracelet and realized it was just the ’80s. By the way, that silk top she is wearing is from “The Golden Girls.” The cool bracelet measures half an inch wide and it is 7.75″ long. There are two snaps so it is adjustable and will fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Two of the big flashy mirror backed “stones” (not stones at all) are .75″ x 3/8″, but the center piece is almost an inch long and .75 wide. This is a relic from a certain time in American history and, of course, Rue McClanahan had one, and being Rue, she held onto it for 25-years! When we blow the picture out a bit we get another question, who is that with Rue? Is it Queen Latifah? Jackée from “227″? Is she wearing a bad wig, too? We have no answers. Rue’s leather bracelet comes with a copy of the whacky photo and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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