Hand Made Spanish Figás Charger [SOLD]

The dining room in Rue’s California house sat 24 people, so when she was on a trip to Spain and wanted to buy some hand-painted chargers it was a major production that involved bushels of hay and old-time packing crates. But, she successfully got 24 of these one-of-a-kind, highly collectible pieces back to California. As we’ve mentioned many times, no matter how rare or how expensive something was, if it had a practical purpose, then Rue was going to use it for that purpose. Thus, you can see guests eating off of these gorgeous chargers at parties at Rue’s home. You can also see how paranoid one of her friends is as he helps clear the table and gingerly takes a couple of these stacked treasures into the kitchen. Rue ended up hanging a few in her Gramercy Park apartment – you can see a couple of them on the edge of the frame in a photo taken the first day we hung out together – and most of them are drilled in the back for stringing up. I found 19 of them in Rue’s Manhattan apartment after she passed and you can see this one at the front of the initial inventory shot posted. This charger measures 13.5″ across and the rim is almost 2″ off the table; it is blue and white with an orange and yellow design, is signed on the back, and has the holes in it for hanging. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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