Large Framed Magazine Cover [SOLD]

Rue is 54-years old in this picture – 54! She loved this magazine cover, as do we, but for different reasons. She loved her hair in this portrait, but we love the look in the eyes. This photo shoot produced some fabulous images of Rue in her prime and you can clearly see this is someone totally aware they are in their prime, and that they are enjoying every moment of it. Naturally, she is wearing one of “Blanche’s” outfits from “The Golden Girls” in the shot. We have all the images from that day filed in the computer under the title “Smoldering,” but after careful consideration – and after having looked up the definition to be sure it is apt – we are going to change the title of the file to “Sultry – attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.” Isn’t that perfect? Anyway, this is a large, glass-protected, framed magazine cover from the “Southern Style” shoot. It measures over 20 inches high and is over 16 inches wide – this is a big piece. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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