Large Hat from Agatha Christie’s “The Man in the Brown Suit” [SOLD]

Rue made this movie in the late ’80s and she had it built into her contract that she got to keep her costumes – good thing, too, because this hat is fabulous! It is a size 7 and measures 18″ across. The hat was made by New York hat designer Michelle Jaffé. There is a metal ring along the brim of the hat so it can be manipulated in any direction and it will hold the shape. The movie was filmed in Spain during Rue’s annual hiatus from “The Golden Girls” and she told us it was hot as could be under the Spanish sun and the movie lights. In the last photo – a Polaroid from the set – you can see how Rue was working to stay cool. Comes with copies of the screen grabs shown, a copy of the Polaroid, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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