Lead Crystal Vase with a Story [SOLD]

Do you know how Rue and I met? I like to tell people “Rue and I met at Studio 54″ because it sounds so glamourous. It is true, too, we did meet there, but it was after its heyday, when it had been converted to an event space and back into a theatre – we were attending an animal fundraiser. We didn’t REALLY start to get to know each other until the day this photo of her was taken at her Gramercy Park apartment. Look on the table next to her in the picture, can you see it? It is this 10″ tall lead crystal vase. You can also see it in the initial inventory picture taken at Rue’s Sutton Place apartment, and you can see it on one of the kitchen window shelves, too, at that same place. This is a heavy, beautiful vase with a 2.5 inch base; it is made by a polish crystal company called Ceskci, which makes really high-end pieces. This vase throws a lot of color and light. Anyway, back to the story. I asked Rue at Studio 54 if I could come over and shoot her picture for this pet book I was producing, she said yes, and two days later I was in her living room. I think she thought I’d show up alone with a Polaroid or something, snap the shot, and leave. Instead, I arrived with 11 bags of equipment and a team of half a dozen people – it was a PRODUCTION! That whole day, Rue and I talked and laughed and really seemed to hit it off. When I left, I remember thinking: Yeah, right, like I’m going to become friends with this internationally famous actress. When I got home that day, she had already called. She said, ‘I had so much fun at the shoot today, would you like to go out some time?’ We were friends ever since. That book I was producing came out, too, and look who made the cover, Rue and Miss Bianca. AND, look who is in the photo next to her on the cover, me and my baby Lexi La Rue! Cool, eh? The vase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a copy of the book – “NYC Pet Project.”


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