Lesbian Episode Silk Gown and Robe Set [SOLD]

When Rue would talk about the high caliber writing on “The Golden Girls” – which she always said was the MAIN reason it remained popular for so many years (that and her performance, of course!) – this episode was one of the examples she would site. “Danny Thomas is one, isn’t he?” Is a classic television sitcom line. Rue wore this gorgeous silk gown and robe in several episodes during Season Two. In fact, we even saw where she had the silk gown on with another robe. The original weights to keep the costume hanging properly and avoid a “wardrobe malfunction” are still attached to the gown. The pieces are in great condition. There are a couple of spots, but there is no quicker way to authenticate a piece of Rue’s clothing than to look for spots – oh, Rue! We used to joke that it looked like she would put on silk and then run through an olive oil sprinkler in the garden. We realize these classic robes are pricey, but the supply is dwindling and soon they will be gone forever. Also, with real estate and the stock market behaving as it does, we believe the safest investment for one’s retirement is Rue McClanahan memorabilia! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

(ADD ON – We just spotted the gown under ANOTHER robe from the episode when “The Girls” visit a sperm bank!)


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