“Life Sketches” – Rue’s First Autobiography [SOLD]

Rue wrote her first autobiography entitled “Life Sketches” way back in 1949. She received an A+ from her teacher, which is written on the inside cover in red ink with a note which reads: “Unusually interesting and well written;” talk about a harbinger for her memoir written 50 years down the road! Including the inside cover, dedication, table of contents, and a blank fist and last sheet, the folder contains 22 onion skin pages, with 20 of them having Eddi Rue McClanahan’s immaculately handwritten words – her penmanship is amazing. Although the exterior folder has small tears along the edge, the onion skin contents are in perfect condition. The missive begins with Rue writing about her grandfather who was born in 1875, and it paints a fascinating picture of this man’s early life in Texas when they lived near a fort since “Indians of those wild plains were still unfriendly and ofttimes dangerous (‘ofttimes,’ you go Rue!).” Of course it turned out Rue’s grandfather was a descendent of a full-blood Indian woman and Rue became a card carrying Choctaw Indian later in life. The chapters about 2nd and 3rd grade, and times spent at Rue’s grandmother’s place, give a detailed glimpse of Rue’s early life and one really gets a sense of the foundation that supported the huge life she later lived. Oh, and of course this girlhood Rue writes about multiple boys!


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