London’s “Harvey” Lot [SOLD]

Here is a combination of a few very personal mementos from Rue’s time in London performing in “Harvey.” We can’t decide which is the BIG item in the collection: the original signed and framed poster that hung in the hall of Rue’s Manhattan apartment (Yes, in the same spot the “Dark of the Moon” poster used to hang, or eventually hung, we actually aren’t sure which replaced which.); or Rue’s heavily annotated original script. There are some other gems with the grouping; for example: Rue’s playbill from the show; Rue’s official script that she filtched from the production office; a handmade opening night card someone gave to her; a letter with with some behind-the-scenes shots from another person in the show; and a few of Rue’s personal photos from the production. Rue wrote about her experience performing in “Harvey” in her memoir. Although the production had some flaws, she loved the show and really thought her part was a hoot, and she overcame the flaws by getting smashed on excellent single malt scotch at night in her room (seriously, read her book!). Everything will appear on one Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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