Loose Gemstone from Rue’s Collection [SOLD]

As we’ve previously mentioned, Rue collected loose gemstones and had them made into custom pieces of jewelry. She kept her jewels in a faux alligator case and hid the case under a rack of clothes in the master bedroom closet of her Manhattan apartment. Can’t you just see her traveling through Customs and opening the case up to the delight of the inspectors – Rue could be such a glamour/drama queen when she wanted! This particular stone is a beautiful pale purple in color. Is it an amethyst? a fluorite? a spinel? a tourmaline? a sapphire (yes, there are purple ones)? a chalcedony? Or a rare purple diamond? We haven’t a clue, isn’t this exciting? You may just be getting the deal of the Century here – which Rue would LOVE. In any case, it is a deal because you’ll be owning something that belonged to Rue. The stone is oval and weighs an ounce; it measures .75″ the long way and just shy of 5/8ths of an inch side to side. This is a little large for a nose piercing, but would make an excellent ring or solitaire necklace. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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