Million Dollar Certificate of Insurance for Filming at “Rue McClanahan’s House” [SOLD]

We were looking through the files in Rue’s home office and came across this document. Sometimes Rue would do interviews at her California home and, particularly when it would involve a large film crew, she’d require the producer take out a certificate of insurance just in case someone or something was injured on her property – when you’re as famous as Rue, unfortunately some people seem to look for reasons to sue you. Anyway, this original Certificate of Insurance is for a million bucks and it lists the additional insured as “Rue McClanahan’s House.” The exclusion page is funny because it excludes things like explosions and stunts involving automobiles, and anyone who knew Rue knew none of that was going to be taking place in her dream home – heck, she spent over a million dollars on the yard alone! The most dangerous thing Rue did during one of these shoots was climb one of the lemon trees in her backyard. This original Certificate of Insurance comes with prints of the photos posted showing Rue’s Encino house and yard – and yes, that is her Emmy out in from of the house on the driveway. Also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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