“Miss Craig’s Face-Saving Exercises” and 13 Other Books from Rue’s Library

Rue loved to read and she owned a room full of books. Each of the books in this collection of 14 titles will have a printed bookplate on the inside indicating the following: “From the Private Library of Rue McClanahan.” Although “Miss Craig’s Face-Saving Exercises” from 1970 is almost too good to let go – someone really ought to frame the inside cover – we have decided that it is time to clear out Rue’s books. This stack consists of six hardcover and eight softcover titles, and it includes a wonderful coffee table book about theatre. Comes with one Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

(We’ll pay shipping for US residents because we can use Media Mail, but out of Country must pay shipping – books are HEAVY! Email us at info@estateofrue.com and we’ll create a shipping button for you if you reside outside the United States.)


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