More Christmas Ornaments [SOLD]

Three more of Rue’s Christmas ornaments. The silver pine cone is glass and measures 7.5″ long and about 2.5″ at its widest. The apple is made of what feels like cardboard or thick treated paper with some sort of varnish on it. It measures 1.75″ across and has a slight crack on the side. The dog is 4″ high and about 3.5″ long. It is signed: “Love Eadie + Chris Xmas 1986″ and we believe it was from a couple of Rue’s employees (and friends) at the time. You can see the ornaments with Rue in the picture taken while she was decorating the tree. The other photo is Rue and her second husband taken in front of the completed tree. We’ll include copies of both pictures and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$125 NOW $62.50

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