Music Books [SOLD]

Rue always had a piano in her homes, and it would be played by many. The piano bench was filled to the brim, as was a large wooden music storage case that she bought for the overflow. There were even stacks of bound books with music from various shows or collections on the shelves of her library. Here we have five books from her collection. The one that is most interesting from a Rue perspective contains the music from Les Misérables, and not because of the show or the music, but because Rue used the book as a prop during one of her parties to shoot a series of pictures with people wearing a dishcloth on their heads. She made up names for everyone’s portrait and attached them with post-its. This collection comes with copies of half a dozen of those pictures – including one with Rue and the dishtowel entitled: “Les Miserablanche” – and a Certificate of Authenticity from The Estate of Rue McClanahan.

$125 NOW $62.50

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