Nicolosi Portrait [SOLD]

The first celebrity portrait the artist Nicolosi ever did in his life was of Rue McClanahan. In fact, when she saw the result, she encouraged him to pursue his art professionally, and he has done so to great success. Nicolosi never forgot Rue’s kindness and he did several portraits of her over the years. This one is a piece he did for her during her turn as Madame Morrible in the hit Broadway Show “Wicked.” The framed piece measures 26 3/4” x 20 3/4” from the outside of the frame, with the picture itself being about 2 1/2” less all the way around. The portrait is signed by the artist and comes with a collectable card Rue had printed of herself in full Madame Morrible hair, costume, and makeup, Rue often sent the shot to fans and said all the hard work of the show was worth it for that one great image. This work of art also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from The Estate of Rue McClanahan.


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