Nine Original Photos from Rue’s Private Collection [SOLD]

That’s me sorting and attempting to organize Rue’s lifetime collection of photographs in the living room of her Manhattan apartment. Although I tried to make sure all the “major” ones were placed in plastic sleeves and in sturdy binders to prevent any further wear and tear, after a short while I realized it would take me a lifetime to get them all organized. Besides, Rue didn’t ask me to organize them, she asked me to get them to you. So, here is a collection of nine of her original photos, and since I have no system in place, what I did is select one from each decade of her life – from the 1930s until the 2000s, and then put them together with one of the “majors” – in this case, an 1988 professional Eddie Garcia 8″ x 10″ from the night Estelle won her Emmy. Personally, I think the mini-collection works. You have Rue as a little girl, one of Rue and her high school boyfriend in the early 1950s and then another of the two of them over 30 years later in the 1980s on the day they were married – and they are standing in front of the same staircase in both pictures! How cool is that? There is Rue during the “Maude” years partying it up with Hermione Baddeley in her dressing room, and then a beautiful one of Rue with her young son in the ’60s, and more… The collection comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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