NOW $80! A Birthday Card from When Rue Turned 7-Years Old [SOLD]

We’ve been writing on here from the beginning that Rue saved EVERYTHING! Now do you believe us? Rue held on to this birthday card from her 7th birthday for 69-years – and she even kept the original envelope! It would appear that holding on to things runs in the family because her Aunt Donna, who gave her the card, may have held it for decades before using it on Rue’s special day; at least if the copyright is any indication of the card’s age. We suppose though that the copyright could just indicated when the design of the card was created and this particular printing may be relatively modern – if it was printed the year of Rue’s 7th birthday that would make it over 70-years old today, as opposed to over 100 if it were printed around the time of the copyright. In either case, the message about “every little southern belle” and a “fancy petticoat” is timeless, and just as true today! Rue had already discovered boys by the time she was 7 – you can see her with a group out beside the house in the photo posted – and you just know she showed them all her fancy petticoat! Comes with prints of all the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$225 NOW $80!

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