NOW $80! Bowl with a Silver Rim [SOLD]

Here is another one of Rue’s glass bowls and we can’t tell if it is cut glass or lead crystal; but it is heavy! The piece measures 9″ across and is 4″ high. You can see the piece on the floor by the hutch in Rue’s living room in a shot we took the day we emptied the huge cabinet – it has the bowl from the post above sitting inside of it. This piece has a silver rim, and the rim is stamped with some letters, but we have no idea what the letters mean. The rim actually lifts off the bowl, which we aren’t sure it is supposed to do, but we aren’t going to mess with it. Also, it needs to be polished, but as much as we want to shine it up, we’ll leave that to you. Rue’s beautiful bowl comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$225 NOW $80!

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