NOW $80! Large Earrings from “Boy Meets World” Television Appearance [SOLD]

Rue wore these HUGE earrings when she appeared on the television show “Boy Meets World.” Her character was the grandmother of the boy from the title of the show, and she was also a long distance truck driver – could that be right? We feel like we’re making it up, but we think it is true. Anyway, apparently long-distance grandmother truck drivers are portrayed as trés chic in Hollywood because Rue’s whole costume was fabulous – especially these over-the-top earrings. First of all, the colors: gold, green and purple! Second, the size: these monsters measure almost 2″ wide and are almost 4″ long. And finally, the material they are made of: we can’t tell if they are fiberglass, some sort of paper maché, molded plastic, hairsray and rubber tires, Play-Doh, or cake batter, but they are definitely made of an unusual substance. The episode is entitled “Grandma Was a Rolling Stone,” and you can watch it on YouTube. Oh, and the hat from the costume is posted a little further up above this post. These glamorous grandma earrings come with prints of the screen grabs shown and a Certificate of authenticity.

$275 NOW $80!

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