NOW $80! Limited Edition Copy of Rue’s Doodle Script from “The Golden Girls,” Episode #116 – “Great Expectations” – ONLY TWO AVAILABLE FOR BIRTHDAY SALE! [BOTH SOLD]

Here is something new. People have been asking for copies of certain items since we first launched Rue’s site, and now we finally got the okay to release a limited number (10) of complete copies of one of Rue’s scripts. We chose #116 “Great Expectations” since there are multiple changes in the script, with each version being on a different colored page, so you can see the process which led to the final script. The 45-page script will be duplicated with color copies and the front and back cover will be on a firm cover sheet just like the original. Each copy will be signed and numbered by the estate on the back, and it will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$225 NOW $80!

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