NOW $80! Lot’s of Rue’s Bowls [SOLD]

Here we have eight of Rue’s everyday bowls – one set she owned and used for decades and the other she had purchased in the ’00s. The older bowls are made of “melamine,” which we suspect is a nice word for plastic. The big bowl is 8″ across and 3″ high, and the two small ones are 6″ across and 2.5″ high. Rue liked this set because it looks like that expensive Dutch porcelain and yet was as durable as Tuperware. The 6″ x 2.5″ white bowls came from Starbucks; there were six of them, but one has gone missing, so it is now a set of five. Rue couldn’t go inside a store and not shop, so every time we stopped at a Starbuck’s for coffee she’d come out with shopping bags – who finds bags of stuff at Starbucks? Anyway, these are nice, heavy, well-made porcelain bowls and Rue used them daily for the last few years of her life. In the close-up of the kitchen cabinets inside her Manhattan apartment, you can see the melamine set on the upper left and the Starbucks’ bowls on the second from the bottom shelf to the right. All the bowls will appear on one Certificate of Authenticity.

$275 NOW $80!

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