NOW $80! Pair of Rue’s Blue Gems (Back on Site) [SOLD]

As we’ve written before, Rue collected loose gemstones, and then would have the rocks made into custom jewelry. You can see her kneeling by a table in her California house selecting a few from a visiting jeweler. She bought them all over the world, too, and kept them in a snazzy faux-alligator jewel case; how cool is that? You can see this pair of blue stones right on top of the case from the initial inventory shot. What are these stones? Blue Topaz? Aquamarine? Pariba Tourmaline? Fluorite? As usual, we haven’t a clue. We do know, however, that they belonged to Rue and they are big and blue. Hopefully, whoever buys them has them made into some fabulous earrings, which is what Rue intended to do – although a ring and pendant necklace would be nice, too! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$275 NOW $80!

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