NOW $80! Rue’s Delicate Sterling Silver and Moonstone Ring [SOLD]

Oh no, we did what the professionals have been telling us all along NOT to do – we cleaned a piece. In our defense, this sterling silver ring of Rue’s was so tarnished we couldn’t even tell if the silver work was corroded or if it was designed to have little open areas. Also, we recently met with a fan who had purchased one of Rue’s tarnished sterling silver bracelets on the site, he polished it and we couldn’t believe it was the same piece, it is stunning! (Hello, Anthony.) The same thing happened here, this piece has come to life. What we thought was a tiny, maybe, mother-or-pearl ring has turned out to be a vintage, sterling silver and moonstone piece with exquisite detail work. We didn’t even do a thorough cleaning, just one pass with a jewelry brush and some silver polish and the result is amazing. We think this is a size 7 or 7.5 but, as usual, Rue knocked it about a bit so it isn’t a perfect circle anymore. This truly is a beautiful ring, now that we can really see it, and now we want to polish more pieces – on, no! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$350 NOW $80!

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