NOW $80! Rue’s Everyday Glasses [SOLD]

Here are six of Rue’s everyday glasses that she used in her Manhattan apartment. The tall ones – they measure 6.5″ tall with a 2″ base and 2.5″ opening – started as a set of eight, but only four survive. The smaller ones – measuring 3.75″ high and the same wide – were Rue’s favorite glasses. In fact, she kept one out and with her at all times, so you always saw it near her on a table, the counter, or her desk. If you look at the set closely, can you tell which one was the one that was by her side for years? That’s right, it would be the one that has marks all over it from the 100 times she dropped it. And the fact that she could drop it 100 times and it not break is exactly why it was her favorite glass! All six glasses will appear on the same Certificate of Authenticity.

$225 NOW $80!

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