NOW $80! Rue’s Furry Black Top That Wasn’t Really A Top [SOLD]

Rue was such a hoot! In 2005, “Steel Magnolias” was opening on Broadway and Rue was invited to the first performance and the red carpet opening night party after. Rue wore simple black stretch pants, comfortable black shoes, and a black furry top with a sparkly silver thread running through it. She put a diamond necklace on and one of her beautiful faux furs to add a little opening night glamour. From the red carpet images posted, you may have noticed that Rue draped the coat over her shoulders instead of wearing it, but you probably don’t know why. Well, Rue is draping the coat because she couldn’t put her arms through the sleeves, and that was because she couldn’t put her arms through the sleeves of the black furry top under the coat, and that was because the black furry top didn’t have arm holes, and that was because the black furry top is really a black furry skirt! It is a fully line, side-tie, skirt – which Rue bought as a skirt – that Rue simply decided to wear as a top, to a Broadway opening, a red carpet event with a lot of photographers! Again, Rue was such a hoot! As you can see from the pictures of her in her home office, Rue kept an image from that night on the bulletin board right behind her desk where she put all the clips and images she enjoyed. She would tell the story of the skirt as a top and laugh about her unique sense of style. Her personal shopper was mortified, but the rest of is thought it was, well, a hoot! Comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$225 NOW $80!

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