NOW $80! Rue’s Metal “Life Member” Card in Mysterious Magic Society [SOLD]

We have no clue how or when Rue became involved with this private club out in California, she NEVER talked about it. All we know is that when we were going through her possessions we found her “Life Member” card in this strange magic society out in California. We found a little information about it online, but nothing about Rue’s involvement or how that came about. No doubt about it, Rue led a varied and interesting life! This item ought to be framed, perhaps with one of the photos of Rue in witch garb from a couple movies she made wherein she played the same. This card is stored in a folded over little cloth case and we’ll include prints of the photos posted and a Certificate of Authenticity. If your research uncovers anything about Rue’s involvement with this organization, we’d love to be informed.

$250 NOW $80!

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