NOW $80! Someone Spots 16-Year-Old Rue’s Star Quality (And Sends Her Parents a Letter!) [SOLD]

Rue was 16-years-old when she blew someone’s hair back in a high school performance. By that time, Rue already knew she was going to be a star someday – she didn’t know exactly how, but she knew it was going to happen – but she never said anything to anyone. Rue said: “If I would’ve told them, those small town Oakies would’ve thought I was crazy.” However, Rue did not try and hide her natural talent and apparently in April of 1950 this person – J. S. Mullen – spotted it. This person – was it a man or a woman? – felt so strongly about what they had witnessed that the next morning they typed Rue’s parents a letter. We love the practical aspects to their suggestion that Rue pursue a career as a professional dancer “…if the field is not overcrowded, and she has both the opportunity and inclination.” This J.S. Mullen would have made a great talent scout, because Mullen hit it on the head when he/she wrote about the “…child with so much acquired and natural talent.” Isn’t it cool? Rue’s Mother hung onto the letter until she died in the ’70s and then it came into Rue’s hands. Rue kept it tucked in the original envelope for another 30+ years, and now it could be yours. Comes with a print of Rue dancing around the time Mullen spotted her and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$275 NOW $80!

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