NOW $80! Tipper Gore Original Signed Letter [SOLD]

Rue was such a good sister. Her sister is a brilliant doctor and Rue wanted to help her get a government job. So, she wrote Tipper Gore and Tipper wrote her back. Remember Tipper? She wasn’t a big fan of rap music. Anyway,here is Tipper’s original signed letter to Rue, and we were able to find an unsigned copy of the original letter Rue had sent her. Remember thermal fax paper? Well Rue made a copy of her letter on her fax machine so her copy is on thermal paper – memories. We love Tipper’s return address on her envelope. This is a piece of American history – that special mixture of celebrities and politicians. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

(By the way, Rue’s sister did get a government job and became a big cheese, too!)

$275 NOW $80!

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