Oct 10th – Old Navajo Turquoise and “Spicy Oyster” Cuff (Price Dropped Eight Times) [SOLD]

Rue’s bracelet hootenanny is a third of the way through today – and some of the bracelets are getting down there in price. We are excited to see if any hang around long enough to go below $100! But at the same time, a few people have already emailed when a piece goes to express their regret at not having snapped it up. It is a quandary – buy, or wait? Isn’t this fun? Anyway, as you probably know already, Rue loved American Indian Jewelry, and she possessed a fabulous collection of old pieces. This is one of her Navajo cuffs, and it is marked with the silver-smiths initials inside – “T.K.W.” We did a little research and it turns out this particular silver-smith is well known among American Indian Jewelry Collectors; his name was Tim Kee Whitman and he lived and worked in Arizona. This vintage cuff is a fine example of his work. We initially thought it was turquoise and corral, but we learned that the red stones are actually called “Spicy Oyster.” Isn’t that perfect? If Rue were still here we’d start calling her “Spicy Oyster,” it just seems so fitting! The cuff is over half an inch thick at the center and then it tapers down to about 3/8″. There are five of the big turquoise pieces and eight spicy oyster stones. Of course, we are leaving the piece as-is, with the natural patina, and the new owner is free to choose whether to polish it up or not. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$400, $375, $350, $325, $300, $275, $250, $225 NOW $200

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