Oct 14th – Hinged White Metal Bracelet with Sea Motif (Price Dropped Three Times) [SOLD]

Buy or wait? Buy or wait? What if you lose it? But you don’t want to waste money…Rue’s bracelet game; fun, right? Something is telling us that this bracelet is from one of Rue’s professional projects. It is the specific style of the piece – the sea motif – that is nudging us in the direction of acting gig. However, we haven’t seen any images of her wearing it on television, or in a movie, or on stage, yet! So, this is being offered as one of Rue’s personal bracelets. If you recognize it though, please let us know (and after you buy it is perfectly acceptable). This is a white metal bracelet with a hinged cuff to it. It is a strong spring, too, so there is no danger of it falling open. The medallion is quite large, about 1.75″ across. The interior of the bracelet measures about 2″, but because it is hinged, it will expand to larger wrists. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$200, $180, $160 NOW $140

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