Oct 15th – Victorian Revival Five-Strand Bracelet (Price Dropped Five Times) [SOLD]

This one won’t last long, or will it? Is anything going to go below $100? Rue’s bracelet bacchanal is reaching the halfway point and exactly half of the bracelets have sold – very interesting. Or is it? Anyway, this bracelet is not for the timid, it is a five-strand, black bead, Victorian revival with a large gold-toned floral motif medallion. The faceted beads are very sparkly, but the medallion is what catches the eye. Rue had the bracelet on in a photograph that appeared with a tabloid story about her dating two of her ex-husbands. I’d love to act all outraged and say: “Those tabloids lie!” Except it was kind of true. Well, she wasn’t really dating her second husband again, they were best friends before they wed and they just came back together into the close friendship, but she was dating her first husband again, over 30 years after they divorced they decided to give it another shot. Oh, and this was after she’d just divorced her fifth husband, who just so happened to be her high school boyfriend from 30 years earlier. Oh, Rue! No doubt about it, her love life was a MESS, but her jewelry collection was moving along nicely and this bracelet was a great addition. The medallion measures about 2.5″ wide and is 2″ long. The bead strands are over 1″ wide and the whole bracelet it 7.25″ long. It has a spring ring closure that is attached to a couple of snappy triple floral terminals – fancy! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Just came across another photo of Rue wearing this piece and so we added it at the end.

$300, $275, $250, $225, $200 NOW $180

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