Oct 16th – HUMP DAY WITH THE BRACELET GAME – Rue’s Trafari Modernist Cuff [SOLD]

We are halfway through Rue’s bracelet gamble and things seem to be going well. That gorgeous Michaela Frey FINALLY sold, what a relief! We were afraid it would go down to zero and Rue’s son would have us committed. We were trying to pick out an extra special bracelet to mark the halfway point of the event, but all the bracelets are cool and so we had to come up with another way to excite you about the halfway point – how about a $25 bracelet? We bet you didn’t see that coming. This is a metal Trafari cuff that Rue wore so many times – bending it open and closed each time – that the plating is starting to buckle. But, it looks great from the front, belonged to Rue McClanahan, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and because it is the halfway bracelet – we’re pricing it at 25 bucks!


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