Oct 19th – Rue’s Butterscotch Bakelite Stretch Bracelet (Price Dropped Seven Times) [SOLD]

Rue’s Bracelet hootenanny is almost 2/3rds done, and with this treasure there will only be six bracelets active on the site – should you grab one while you still can or wait and see if it will drop further? The stress! This bracelet is an early version of plastic called bakelite. It was probably designed to look like butterscotch amber, but it is not, it is bakelite. Since it is a stretch bracelet, due to its age, the elastic is somewhat shot – which is exactly what you’d expect from an authentic vintage stretch bracelet (an expert told us that). Each link is 3/8″ thick and 1.25″ wide, and there are 23 links, so this is a big bracelet. You could get it restrung for a minimal cost (that same expert told us that) and we think you ought to do so and wear this bracelet as it was meant to be worn, but that will be up to you. In the picture posted, you can see this piece on the wrist of one of Rue’s girlfriends – Sue, hey Susie Q! – Rue was playing dress up and she placed this butterscotch bakelite bracelet on Sue’s wrist. Comes with a print of the photo shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$200, $180, $160, $140, $12o, $100, $90 NOW $80

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