Oct 20th – Rue’s Oscar de la Renta “Runway Bracelet” (Price Dropped Seven Times) [SOLD]

As we race into the last third of Rue’s bracelet nail biter, we thought we’d throw something over-the-top fabulous at you. Here is the decision: should you pay the rent or mortgage or buy this bracelet? Or, do you wait until it is low enough where you just need to blow off a utility bill to get it? These are the choices that determine one’s life. With all of her vintage and delicate pieces, it always comes as a shock when we come across a very contemporary and over-the-top item in Rue’s jewelry chests, but here is just such an item: Rue’s Oscar de la Renta “Runway Bracelet.” We were told it is called a “Runway Bracelet” by an expert who informed us that bracelets that are this “large scale,” “noisy,” “signed by the designer,” and “fabulous” are called “Runway Bracelets.” She also told us that it is made of Swarovski crystals – and that they all have specific names, and she thinks some of the darker ones here are called “black iris.” It is a multi-strand bracelet with clear faceted crystals, colored ones, grey pearl looking things, and then the purple/blue “black iris” beads. The strands are about two inches wide when the bracelet is just laying there, but then there are a dozen dangles made of beads that hang from the stands, and they are about 1.5″ long each. The strands with the dangles are tied to white metal, pavé crystal terminals that come together in a T-bar closure. There is an abundance of movement, noise and sparkle with this piece and Rue wore it on the red carpet to a big PeTA event. As an aside, the top she was wearing was a Judy Evans’ Original, made for and worn on “The Golden Girls” (or maybe it was “The Golden Palace” – it was one of the “Goldens” for sure!). Anyway, this is a “major” piece of jewelry and something that is sure to grab attention. Comes with a print of the photo shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.

NOTE – The still image you see of Rue wearing this bracelet from the PeTA event is seen as footage in “The Golden Girls – Cast and Crew Documentary” at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b1hobS-OAU, it is at about 2:50 time code. If you haven’t seen that documentary on YouTube yet, we highly recommend it.

$800, $700, $600, $550, $500, $450, $400 NOW $375

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